The Craft

My interest lies in the area of alchemy, a process of transmuting a common substance of little value, like clay, into a substance of value, like ceramics. Unlike the ancient alchemists who looked for the secret of gold and the elixir of life, I explore for the sake of exploring. Technically there is much to explore and discover, translucency, opacity, density, colour compatibility and so on but even more to creatively interpret. I search for forms unknown, surfaces unseen and feelings untouched. My search is guided by memory, imagination and present moments of awakening.

The interplay between creative and technical imaginations guides me for an answer, an answer I know I may come close to but not necessarily find. A search I nevertheless pursue. A man in Korea once told me a story of a potter who tried to make a pot of his imagination. For many years the potter searched but to no avail and so left in despair, he threw himself into his kiln only for others to discover the most astounding pieces. Seen metaphorically I see myself as this potter who pursues the unattainable, the unrealised perfection, throwing myself into the process of making.

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